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I met Mrs. M at the Handpicked, A Bridal Event. We didn’t get to speak much at the event but when she came in it felt like we were insta-friends. I shot the soon to be Mrs. M’s boudoir session the week before I saw Beyonce in concert so I had a little bit of a Bey-Buzz going on and I think I just played Lemonade and talked about Beyonce most of that week. So I figured it was appropriate to keep that theme going! I’m pretty sure Mrs. M just wakes up like this – Flawless, ladies tell ’em

Dear Mrs. M Thanks for dealing with all the Bey puns 🙂

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A long long time ago in an art school far far away – well that was about the last time I shot film. I used to shoot, develop and print my own bad art school student pictures for class, and I loved the process. Every year into my business I get a little more nostalgic, saying to myself – remember when you just developed your film and you were done- no hours of post processing and workflow.  So I decided to get back to basics and  shoot some black & white film!

All I can say is WOW. What an experience. Having to be so intentional with each shot. knowing I only had so many frames. The anticipation of developing and seeing what I got! Shout of to Richard Photo Lab for the great fast service on these film scans. I am for sure doing this again! The best part – the film grain is so softening I barely had to edit! Please enjoy the musings of the lovely Miss A.

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OH MY GOD. My Miss J just melted my eyes out of my head. I’m so honored she allowed me to share these! They are the firt topless pictures on my blog! Yay boobs!

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  • Jennifer - Absolutely stunning pictures. I love the gold top she is wearing – it’s a very nice accent to her shape. Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

So Miss S was a first. She was actually already married but was disappointed to have lost her chance to do bridal boudoir before the wedding. So as an anniversary gift (you know the 1st anniversary is paper right!?) she got back out the white lace and veil and we took some awesome bridal boudoir photos!

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I WISH I could show you everything but I am happy to respect Ms S’s wish to remain anonymous. ANY client may choose to have their pictures kept anonymous or not shown at all. My goal is to help my clients have an amazing once in a life time experience and OH BOY did Ms S. In emails before the session Ms S. was friendly but to the point which isn’t uncommon. We had an amazing- AMAZING session.. and that is where things changed for both of us. After that day I started to get a string of the most amazing emails I have ever received in my LIFE. Honestly I wont do the story justice so I asked her if I could quote her emails. Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

“Hi Jenni, What a fun and empowering day Friday was! I had to break down and tell my husband; he was wondering what the devious smile was on my face when he got home.  Best part was, I was not the only one with that smile on my face when he heard about his surprise! “

“OH MY GOSH, JENNI!  The book turned out better than I could have imagined, my husband is going to go nuts!!  I cannot wait to see his face when he gets the book.  Thank you too for capturing me in a way that I never have seen myself.  Just sneaking a quick couple of peaks, I cannot believe that it is me in those photos. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

“Hey Jenni, Just wanted to say hello, and also let you know that my old ticker skipped a couple beats again as logged onto the facebook group… but the surprise quickly turned to a mischievous giggle.  I am still smiling and shaking my head when I see it or think about it.  Thanks for continuing to make me feel like a superstar!”

I have never been so honored or validated as a person and an artist. THIS is why I do this. This is why i stay up til 4am retouching. This is why I choose this over a stable income. This is what I have to offer, and I changed the way one person saw themselves, and it makes it all worth it. Without further adieu.. (and with a little creative cropping to mask her identity, like a sexy Zoro.. but you know, with cropping.) Here is Ms S.

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