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First off I just want to say Miss A is such a warm person. Having been a client already, I’ve worked with her several times and her laid back and decisive nature make our collaborations such a joy. Being a Bride-to-be this was the perfect excuse to get her in the studio for a sexy boudoir shoot! Bridal Boudoir Photography is the perfect grooms gift, because let’s be honest, he doesn’t really want those cufflinks. But who are we kidding? This is one of those gifts for him that is really for you. Are you a Cleveland Bride? I’d love to have you in to help you create the perfect gift to start off your torrid affair with forever.

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In the past Anonymous sessions were a challenge for me. I love connection, I love flirty eyes, I love smiles and laughter and come-hither looks. I didn’t want the images to be objectifying. I still wanted personality and mood and a story. Shooting this beautiful lady was a game changer. This may be my favorite session right now. You know who she is and how she feels. I’ll let the images speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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Back in 2010, after about a year of photographing just friends and family, I took to the internet to expand my portfolio. Miss B was one of the first people I met. She wanted pictures to submit to Suicide Girls® and I just wanted someone to photograph. I’ve always been drawn to the sexy and alternative so it seemed like a great match. While my skills at the time definitely were not what they are now, we always stayed in touch, and she was one of the first people I thought of when I opened Modern Luxe Studios. I finally had my very own boudoir studio and I needed someone to help me show it off. B surely rose to the occasion! Check out this babe’s bad ass boudoir photography in Cleveland Ohio! 2015-08-05_0001Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0002Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0003Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0004Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0005Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0006Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0007Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0008Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0009Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0010Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0011Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0012Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0013Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0014Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0015Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0016Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0017Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0018Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0019Pin thisimage

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Professional Baker, Mother of 3 (with one in college), and super model? Seems that way for Miss J! One thing about this session I found unbelievable is that Miss J claims to have never worn bright lipstick in her life! She seems like a natural classic beauty in this shade of Very Berry Red. Can I just say how obsessed I am with dark strappy sexy lingerie? I love it when some one comes to the studio to really show a different side of themselves. This is a safe place to be your sexy inner vixen, just let it all go, that makes for the absolute BEST images. Miss J was one of the first women to get shot in out new Cleveland boudoir photography studio and I think she is a good omen for things to come!

P.S. Those Stockings!

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Miss R is a creature of simplicity and is very in touch with her naturally sexy side! Who knew a sweatshirt could be so sexy? I love women who know and embrace that you are sexy everyday! No complicated lingerie or smokey eye required. As for myself I love all the sexy extras, but it’s nice to be reminded that we are often appreciated in our most simple form.

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