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Film Boudoir Cleveland Ohio

A long long time ago in an art school far far away – well that was about the last time I shot film. I used to shoot, develop and print my own bad art school student pictures for class, and I loved the process. Every year into my business I get a little more nostalgic, saying to myself – remember when you just developed your film and you were done- no hours of post processing and workflow.  So I decided to get back to basics and  shoot some black & white film!

All I can say is WOW. What an experience. Having to be so intentional with each shot. knowing I only had so many frames. The anticipation of developing and seeing what I got! Shout of to Richard Photo Lab for the great fast service on these film scans. I am for sure doing this again! The best part – the film grain is so softening I barely had to edit! Please enjoy the musings of the lovely Miss A.

cleveland boudoir photographyPin thisimage 2016-04-29_0002Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0003Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0004Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0005Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0006Pin thisimage cleveland boudoir photographyPin thisimage 2016-04-29_0008Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0009Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0010Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0011Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0012Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0013Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0014Pin thisimage 2016-04-29_0015Pin thisimage cleveland boudoir photographyPin thisimage

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