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Mrs. K’s Cleveland boudoir photography session

SLAY! I mean what else is there to say? This is one of my hottest sessions to date. Mrs. K  not only served face and body, but was also so easy to work with. I love when a client comes in ready to let go and trust in the process. I mean if you look

Mrs. J’s Awesome Wedding Gift | Boudoir Photography Cleveland

This is one of my favorite sessions of the year. Mrs. J was such an amazing sweetie! I’m so happy her husband was blown away by his gift, but who wouldn’t be!? And that red bra!? Oh, my little glam heart…

The Flawless Mrs.M

I met Mrs. M at the Handpicked, A Bridal Event. We didn’t get to speak much at the event but when she came in it felt like we were insta-friends. I shot the soon to be Mrs. M’s boudoir session the week before I saw Beyonce in concert so

Film Boudoir Cleveland Ohio

A long long time ago in an art school far far away – well that was about the last time I shot film. I used to shoot, develop and print my own bad art school student pictures for class, and I loved the process. Every year into my business I get

Miss J’s Super Hott Boudoir Session

OH MY GOD. My Miss J just melted my eyes out of my head. I’m so honored she allowed me to share these! They are the firt topless pictures on my blog! Yay boobs!