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Miss B’s Smokin’ Tattooed Boudoir photography Cleveland Ohio

Back in 2010, after about a year of photographing just friends and family, I took to the internet to expand my portfolio. Miss B was one of the first people I met. She wanted pictures to submit to Suicide Girls® and I just wanted someone to photograph. I’ve always been drawn to the sexy and alternative so it seemed like a great match. While my skills at the time definitely were not what they are now, we always stayed in touch, and she was one of the first people I thought of when I opened Modern Luxe Studios. I finally had my very own boudoir studio and I needed someone to help me show it off. B surely rose to the occasion! Check out this babe’s bad ass boudoir photography in Cleveland Ohio! 2015-08-05_0001Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0002Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0003Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0004Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0005Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0006Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0007Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0008Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0009Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0010Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0011Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0012Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0013Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0014Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0015Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0016Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0017Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0018Pin thisimage 2015-08-05_0019Pin thisimage

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