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What our client’s had to say:

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“What a fantastic experience! I did the boudoir session as a gift for my husband, and it turned out that it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. After the couple hours of shooting with Jenni, I went from feeling nervous and timid to sexy and empowered. Jenni was an absolute dream to work with. She immediately makes you feel welcome in the studio and is highly professional during the entire experience. From the first contact to the shoot to reviewing proofs, Jenni has been a sheer pleasure to work with!”

Ms. S Also allowed me to share her AMAZING emails to me

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If you are looking for a Boudoir photographer in Cleveland I suggest you book your session with Modern Luxe Studio. I had such a great experience with Jenni. She is professional, her studio is gorgeous and I could not be more happy with my images. Jenni made me feel comfortable and confident. This is seriously one the best things I have ever done for myself.


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Working with Jenni for boudoir photos was wonderful! She was very professional and made me feel at ease during the photo shoot. The photos are high quality, beautiful, and classy – all what I was looking for in a photographer’s work. I am very happy with the photos and it was a wonderful present for my husband on our wedding day!


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Jenni was so amazing to work with! I love her fun personality and her artistic vision. She put me at ease when I was so nervous and self-conscious. I left feeling like the hottest chick around!


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Loved working with Jenni, she really took the time to get exactly what I wanted ūüôā


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Mrs. S:

Wow. There are not enough words for how amazing Jenni is. From the start, she responded so quickly to our emails and worked around us to meet up. Not the same experience we got from others we talked to at the same time! I’m a pretty shy person but Jenni is just one of those people who can make you instantly comfortable. I am someone who cannot be in their underwear around sisters or close friends! But she made it all so easy and comfortable. It definitely showed in my pictures! And I had a blast shooting with her. She just makes it fun and there is lots of laughing! At¬†our wedding, we got to take pictures of my husband’s reactions when he first opened the boudoir book that morning. Again, speechless. His reaction was amazing and I love that I have pictures to remember that moment! I am a pretty average girl and didn’t feel confident at all. But I knew that Jenni is someone to trust because she seriously knows what she is doing. And I’m SO glad I went because it gave me the biggest self-confidence boost, ever! She has serious magical powers with lighting and angles. Book her now! You will not regret it. Having confidence in your vendors during wedding planning is priceless. I listened to so many brides stressing because they didn’t like their photos or their photographer wasn’t getting back to them, etc. But we had no worries at all throughout the entire process! And of course, the finished product was stunning each time. I keep thinking of going back for another boudoir even though it was less than a year ago, just because it was so much fun and made me feel fantastic!!


-Photo of Mr. S  seeing the boudoir album on their wedding day-

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Message Sent in by Mrs. A’s Husband:

On our wedding da,y my wife and I¬†exchanged gifts. ¬†I got¬†an album with a sweet letter written on the inside cover from my wife-to-be. I had no idea what was inside because I¬†had no idea my wife had done a Boudoir Session before our wedding. And all I can say is WOW!!!!! I was surprised beyond belief as I turned each page and felt as if I shouldn’t be seeing it until after we made our vows! Seriously though, it’s incredible how many emotions surged through my body looking through this book. And I’m not just talking sexual emotions, because she looked unbelievably hot, but knowing that she did this for me and took the time to do it made me feel incredibly loved and joyful and excited and content. I’m so happy Modern Luxe Studios made this happen (it was on incredibly short notice, too). We’ll have this book the rest of our lives and that memory on my wedding day will never be replaced.


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Miss K

(Photo from the previous shoot with Miss K, boudoir images not shared)

I’ve worked with this photographer before and I’d do it 100 more times! She is a wonderful balance of professional and fun when you are on set with her. She makes sure you’re comfortable and her shots are amazing! I’d recommend her to everyone!



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Jenni did my pre-wedding boudoir pics and I love them all!! I honestly thought I was going to be throwing away money and never actually order the pics because I’m a very self-conscious person. Not only did I like enough of them to get an album, I had trouble narrowing it down so I had to get the biggest one, lol! Not that my now husband is objecting to that! I can’t say enough about Jenni! She is so nice and fun and makes you feel like a supermodel!!!




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I’ve worked with Jenni a handful of times and she is so wonderful, not only as a photographer but as a person. I love her work and so proud be a part of it.¬†For the women who have yet to shoot with Jenni, it will not be a disappointing experience! I had a blast!¬†I can’t wait to see what she does with you all in the future.


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